Tentative Time



12:00-1:00 PM

Precourse Registration


1:00-6:00 PM

Precourse (incl. Cases & Cocktails)

1:05-1:30pm | Best Practices for Preop Assessment and Optimization of complex patients with EOS.When to call in the Reinforcements? When to Say “No” (Brandon Ramo, MD, Dror Ovadia, MD, Michael Vitale, MD MPH) Moderator: Behrooz Akbarnia, MD

1:30-1:55pm | Spinal Dysraphism 101 for Orthopods. What constitutes an “actionable” MRI finding? (Richard Anderson, MD and Douglas Brockmeyer, MD) Moderator: Amer Samdani, MD

1:55-2:20pm | Technique Session 1: Challenges in management thoracic kyphosis with growth sparing implants (Laurel Blakemore, MD, Ron El-Hawary, MD, Scott J. Luhmann, MD) Moderator: Nicholas D. Fletcher, MD

2:20-2:50pm | EOS Management in the Era of Spinraza (Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, Brian D. Snyder, MD PhD, Michael Vitale, MD MPH) Moderator: John M. Flynn, MD

3:10-3:40pm | Technique Session 2: How to Prevent and Treat PJK (Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Benjamin Roye, MD-MPH, Paul D. Sponseller, MD) Moderator: Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD

3:40-4:10pm | Congenital Kyphosis (Lindsay Andras, MD, Patrick J. Cahill, MD, Moyo Kruyt, MD PhD) Moderator: John Smith, MD

4:10-4:40pm | Final fusion after EOS growth sparing treatment (Ilkka J. Helenius, MD PhD, Charles E. Johnston, MD, James Sanders, MD) Moderator: Dror Ovadia, MD


5:00-5:30pm | Technique session 3: Osteotomies/VCR for EOS (Nicholas Fletcher, MD, Michael Glotzbecker, MD, Matthew Oetgen, MD MBA, Michael Ruf, MD) Moderator: Stefan Parent, MD PhD

5:30-6:00pm | Syndromic EOS Case based discussion incl. cases from participants (Carol Hasler, MD, Paul D. Sponseller, MD) Moderator: Carol Hasler, MD

Michael Vitale and Carol Hasler

6:15-7:00 PM

Welcome Ceremony and 1st Annual Lecture



Welcome to ICEOS 2019 (John T. Smith, MD)


Introduction of the 1st Annual Lecture (John T. Smith, MD)


Climbing Mount Everest (Douglas Brockmeyer, MD)


Robert M. Campbell, Jr. Award (Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD)


Acceptance Speech (John Emans, MD)