E-Poster #1: The Surgical Management of Spinal Deformity in Children with a Fontan Circulation: Development of a Treatment Algorithm
Scott Evans, MB ChB; Arul Ramasamy; David Marks; Jonathan Spilsbury; Andrew Tatman; Paul Miller; Adrian Gardner

Disclosures: Evans: None.  Ramasamy: None. Marks: None.  Spilsbury: None.  Tatman: None. Miller: None. Gardner: None.

E-Poster #2: The Evolution of Sagittal Alignment of the Spine on Sitting Position during Childhood
Saygin Kamaci; Halil Gokhan Demirkiran, MD; Altug Yucekul; Muharrem Yazici, MD

Disclosures: Kamaci: None. Demirkiran: None. Yucekul: None. Yazici: None.

E-Poster #3:   Combined Use of Transpedicular Enucleation and the Plate-Rod System for Scoliosis for Single-Stage Correction of Progressive Hemivertebral Scoliosis
Qibin Ye

Disclosures: Ye: None.

E-Poster #4: Quantifying Anesthesia Exposure in Growing Rod Treatment
Nima Kabirian, MD; Matthew J. Goldstein, MD; Jeff Pawelek, BS; Gregory M. Mundis Jr., MD; Burt Yaszay, MD; Peter O. Newton; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD; Growing Spine Study Group

Disclosures: Kabirian: None.  Goldstein: None. Pawelek: None. Mundis Jr. A ; NuVasive, DePuy, OREF. B; NuVasive, K2M. C; NuVasive, K2M. F; NuVasive, K2M. B. Yaszay A; DePuy, Harms Study Group. B; K2M, Orthopediatrics, DePuy, Medtronic. C; DePuy, K2M. F; Orthopediatrics, K2M. <b>P.O. NewtonA; DePuy, EOS Imaging, Orthopedic Research & Education Foundation, Pediatric Orthopedica Society of North America, Scoliosis Research Society, Harms Study Group Foundation, Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation, Childrens Specialist Foundation. B; DePuy. C; DePuy. D; ElectroCore. F; DePuy, Theime Publishing. Akbarnia A; DePuy, NuVasive. B; NuVasive, K2M, Ellipse, K Spine. D; NuVasive, Ellipse, K Spine, Nocimed. F; DePuy, NuVasive. G. Study Group A; Growing Spine Foundation.

E-Poster #5: Strength of Pedicle Screws and the Rib Construct Against Kyphotic Pullout Forces - Modelling a Clinical Phenomenom
Richard H. Gross; Hai Yao, PhD; Gregory J. Wright, MS

Disclosures: Gross: None. Yao: None. Wright: None

E-Poster #6 : Spinal Hemiepiphysiodesis Using Typical Clinical Construct Retains Significant Spine Flexibility
Matthew T. Coombs; Max F. De Carvalho, MD; David L. Glos; Kim Jay, PhD; Eric J. Wall, MD; Donita I. Bylski-Austrow, PhD

Disclosures: Coombs: None. De Carvalho: None. Glos: None.  Jay: None.  Wall A; SpineForm LLC, donation of instruments for this study. B; OrthoPediatrics. D; SpineForm LLC. F;  SpineForm LLC, patent holder and royalty agreement via author’s institution.  Bylski-Austrow A; SpineForm, LLC, provided instruments for this study, DePuy Spine provided instruments for a different study. F; SpineForm, LLC, patent holder, royalty agreement via author's institution.

E-Poster #7 : Magnetically Controlled Growing Rod in Early Onset Scoliosis: Retrospective Review Focusing on Complications
Elena Maredi, MD; Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Francesco Lolli, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD; Tiziana Greggi, MD

Disclosures: Maredi: None. Martikos:one. Lolli: None. Di Silvestre: None. Baioni: None. Greggi: None.

E-Poster #:8: At What Levels are Free-Hand Pedicle Screws More Frequently Malpositioned in Children?
Mark Heidenreich, BS; Yaser M.K. Baghdadi, MD; Amy L. McIntosh, MD; William J. Shaughnessy, MD; Anthony A. Stans, MD; Mark B. Dekutoski, MD; A. Noelle Larson, MD

Disclosures: Heidenreich: None.M. Baghdadi: None. McIntosh: None. Shaughnessy: None. Stans: None. Dekutoski A; Medtronic; Stryker; DePuy, A Johnson & Johnson Company; Synthes. B; Medtronic. C; Medtronic. F; Medtronic. Larson: None.

E-Poster #9: FDA Prospective Clinical Trial on a Scoliosis Growth Modulation Clip/Screw Device. One-Year Results
Eric J. Wall, MD; Joseph E. Reynolds; Viral V. Jain, MD; Donita Bylski-Austrow, PhD; George H. Thompson, MD; Paul Samuels, MD; Sean J. Barnett, MD; Alvin H. Crawford, MD

Disclosures: Wall A; SpineForm LLC, US FDA, State of Ohio Third Frontier Program. B; OrthoPediatrics. D; SpineForm LLC. F; SpineForm LLC, OrthoPediatrics. J.E. ReynoldsA; SpineForm, LLC. B; SpineForm, LLC. D; SpineForm, LLC. E; SpineForm, LLC. F; SpineForm, LLC.  Jain B; Medtronics. Bylski-AustrowA; SpineForm, LLC, DePuy Spine. F; SpineForm, LLC.  Thompson E; Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics, Shrine Medical Advisory Board. P. Samuels A; Cardinal Health. Barnett B; Surgical Innovations, Nucleus Medical. E; Kaleidoscope. Crawford A; SpineForm, LLC. F; SpineForm, LLC.

E-Poster #10 : The Rate of Proxımal Junctıonal Kyphosıs in Dual Growıng Rod Treatment wıth Pedıcle Screws as Proxımal Anchor
Gokhan Demirkiran, MD; Saygın Kamacı, MD; Can Emre Bas, MD; Muharrem Yazici, MD

Disclosures: Demirkiran: None.  Kamac: None. Bas: None. Yazici: None.

E-Poster #11 : Pre-opeartive Hypercarbia and Length of Hospital Stay at Growing Device Implantation and Spine Fusion in Children with EOS
Gregory J. Redding, MD; Walter Krengel, MD; Viviana Bompadre, PhD; Klane White, MD

Disclosures: Redding: E; Editor, Pediatric Pulmonary Section, Up To Date. Krengel: None. Bompadre: None White: None.

E-Poster #12: Solution to VEPTR Iliac S-Rod Migration
Richard McCarthy, MD; Frances L. McCullough, MNSc

Disclosures: McCarthy: B; Medtronic C; Medtronic. McCullough: None.

E-Poster #13 : Does The Presence of a Gastrostomy Tube Improve Surgical Outcomes in Early Onset Scoliosis?
Klane K. White, MD, MSc; Viviana Bompadre, PhD; Adam Kreutzer; Courtney O'Donnell, MD; Gregory J. Redding, MD

Disclosures: White: None. Bompadre: None.  Kreutzer: None.  O'Donnell: None.  Redding: None.

E-Poster #14 : Biomechanical Analysis of Scoliosis Correction Using A Novel Fusionless Intravertebral Epiphyseal Device
Julien Clin, Ph.D.; Carl-Eric Aubin, Ph.D., P.Eng.; Stefan Parent

Disclosures:  Clin: None. Aubin A; Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (Industrial Research Chair with Medtronic of Canada), Polytechnique Montreal Excellence Chair in Orthopedic Engineering. B; Medtronic. Parent A; Canadian Institutes in Health Research, OREF, Medtronic, DePuy Spine, EOS imaging, HARMS Study Group Foundation, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. B; Medtronic. D; Spinologics.

E-Poster #15: Asymmetrical Bracing for Early Onset Scoliosis - Early Results And Failures
John M. Wattenbarger, MD; Amy Street, CPO

Disclosures: Wattenbarger: None. Street: None.

E-Poster #16 : Reliability Analysis of Cobb Angle Measurements of Congenital Scoliosis Using X-ray and 3D-CT Images
Ryoji Tauchi; Taichi Tsuji; Toshiki Saito; Ayato Nohara; Shiro Imagama; Ajeya Joshi; David Roye, Jr; Michael Glotzbecker; Jeffrey Sawyer; John Heflin; John Flynn; John Smith; Norman Ramirez; Patrick Cahill; Ron El-Hawary; Noriaki Kawakami

Disclosures:  Tauchi: None. Tsuji: None. Saito: None.  Nohara: None.  Imagama: None.  Joshi A; Christus Santa Rosa. B; NuVasive. D; Alphatec. D. Roye, Jr A; SRS, POSNA, CPIRF, CWSDRF, OREF. B; Stryker M. Glotzbecker: None. Sawyer: None. J. Heflin B; Medtronic. Flynn: None. Smith B; DepuySynthes Spine. F; VEPTR2 DEVICE. Ramirez:None. Cahill B; Depuy Synthes Spine. C; DepuySynthes Spine. El-Hawary B; Depuy Synthes Spine, Medtronic, Halifax Biomedical Inc. Kawakami B; Medtronic, Depuy Synthes Spine.

E-Poster #17: The Use of Pedicle Screws for VEPTR fixation to the spine
Richard E. McCarthy, MD; Frances L. McCullough, MNSc

Disclosures:  McCarthy B; Medtronic. C; Medtronic. McCullough: None.

E-Poster #18: Withdrawn

E-Poster #19 : Evaluation of 18 patients with Caudal Regression Syndrome
Mehmet Bulent Balioglu, MD; Akif Albayrak, MD; Yunus Atici, MD; Deniz Kargin, MD; Mehmet Temel Tacal, MD; Avni İlhan Bayhan, MD; Mehmet Akif Kaygusuz, Prof. Dr.

Disclosures: Balioglu: None. Albayrak: None.  Atici: None. Kargin: None. Tacal: None. Bayhan: None.  Kaygusuz: None.

E-Poster #20: Surgery Improves Sitting in Surgically Treated Patients with Cerebral Palsy: A Prospective Analysis
Jahangir Asghar

Disclosures: J. Asghar A; Setting Scoliosis Straight. B;DePuy Spine.

E-Poster #21: Does All Growing Rod Graduates Need Final Fusion? A Ct Study of The Instrumented Unfused Segments
Hazem B. Elsebaie, FRCS, MD; Behrooz Akbarnia, MD

Disclosures:  Elsebaie B; K Spine, Ellipse. Akbarnia A; Depuy Synthes, NuVasive. B; NuVasive, Ellipse Technologies, K2M, K Spine. D; NuVasive, Ellipse Technologies, K Spine, Nocimed. F; Depuy-Synthes, NuVasive.

E-Poster #22: Modifications on Cervical Spine Sagittal Alignment after Magnetic Growing Rod Instrumentation. Is there a Correlation With Proximal Junctional Kyphosis?
Konstantinos Martikos, MD; Emanuela Pipitone; Francesco Lolli, MD; Elena Maredi, MD; Francesco Vommaro, MD; Andrea Baioni, MD; Mario Di Silvestre, MD; Stefano Giacomini, MD; Tiziana Greggi, MD

Disclosures: Martikos: None.  Pipitone: None. Lolli: None. Maredi: None.  Vommaro: None. Baioni: None. Di Silvestre: None. Giacomini: None. Greggi: None.

E-Poster #23 : The Biomechanics of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis
Richard H. Gross; Hai Yao, PhD

Disclosures: Gross: None. Yao: None.

E-Poster #24: Scoliosis Surgery with hybrid system in Osteogenesis Imperfecta
KOKI UNO, MD,PhD; Teppei Suzuki, MD,PhD

Disclosures:  Uno C; Depuy Synthes, Surgical Spine Suzuki: None.