Robert M. Campbell, Jr. Award for Innovation in Early Onset Scoliosis

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2018 Award Recipient - Gregory Redding, MD

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Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Redding for receiving the inaugural Campbell Award at ICEOS 2018 this November!

Dr. Redding has made significant contributions to ICEOS thanks to his integral role as an educator, showing pediatric spine surgeons how to better understand pulmonary physiology. This in turn has led to improvement in care for children with Early Onset Scoliosis. As sponsor Dr. David W. Polly wrote in his supporter letter, "It is incredibly fitting that Greg be nominated for this inaugural award recognizing the out of the box contributions that he has made to the field that Bob dedicated his life to."

Photo: President and Founder Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD, Award Winner Gregory Redding, MD, and Program Committee Chairs Michael Vitale, MD, and Laurel Blakemore, MD.

About the Award

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Dr. Robert M. Campbell, Jr. was a renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon, especially noted for his invention of the Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib (VEPTR). This award, established in his memory, honors Dr. Campbell and his many accomplishments in the early onset scoliosis field.

The Campbell Award is granted annually at the International Congress on Early Onset Scoliosis to a physician or scientist for outstanding contributions to the care of children with early onset scoliosis. Contributions may include innovative concepts, techniques, devices, or other major contributions which have significantly improved treatment outcomes for these children. While any physician or scientist is eligible to receive the Campbell Award, special consideration will be given to senior thought leaders.

At the ICEOS 10th Anniversary Gala in 2017, Dr. Campbell was awarded with the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the Growing Spine Foundation for his unwavering dedication to the care of children with spine and thoracic deformities. It is in his name that ICEOS continues to recognize those who have made a significant difference within the field of Early Onset Scoliosis throughout their careers.

Photos from top to bottom: Dr. Robert M. Campbell, Jr.; President and Founder Behrooz A. Akbarnia presenting GSF Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Campbell at the 10th Anniversary Gala in San Diego; Dr. Campbell receiving his award at the 10th Anniversary Gala.