Age 11
By Paul D. Sponseller, MD

Matthew had infantile scoliosis with tethered cord and an arthrtogryposis-like syndrome.  He had severe restrictive lung disease and required continuous supplemental oxygen.  Matthew had a thoracic curve of 95 degrees and a lumbar curve of 65 degrees and was non-ambulatory.

Matthew underwent growing rod insertion at age 2 ½ years.  He underwent eight successive distractions at yearly intervals.  He began to walk at age 5 and was able to stop oxygen supplementation at age 6.  He has benefited from the surgery by improved lung function, balance, posture, and growth.

Matthew’s Mother states:  “The growing rids literally changed Matthew’s life and in my opinion saved his life. Matthew had an over 90° curve and the curve was so severe that his ribs were crushing his lungs. As a result of having the growing rods placed, Matthew’s spine was able to straighten out and reduce the curve that was jeopardizing his lung capacity.”


Matthew's Pre-Op X-Ray in 2003
Matthew's November 2012 X-Ray