Age 6
By His Mother


Kayetan was born with hypotonia. Due to his weak muscles he developed scoliosis at 18 months, the doctor suggested bracing for him. The curve of his spine got worst. He had a more obvious curve on one side of the rib cage and his shoulder was higher than opposite side.  As his condition progressed he had difficulty walking and keeping his balance. It also made it more difficult for him to breathe because his rib cage was pressing against the lungs. Kayetan eventually needed surgery to stop the curve from getting worse. Dr. Skaggs recommended Spinal Growing Rods for him. The goal of this surgery was to prevent deformities while still allowing for growth and development of the spine and trunk. As Kayetan grows, the rods are lengthened every 6 to 9 months.

Kayetan is so much better after surgery. His quality of life has improved. He can breathe much easier and his balance and walking are getting better.  His curve is less visible. Kayetan has been growing stronger, gaining weight and his stamina is increasing.  I know that the goal of surgery was not to get a perfectly straight spine but a balanced one, in which growing rods prevents the curve from getting worse. We are so thankful for the wonderful doctors and staff members at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, especially Dr. Skaggs and his team for taking care of my son.


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