Age 7
By Her Parents

Allison was born in May 2005 and we immediately knew she had health issues. Specifically, Allison's congenital scoliosis presented one of many long-term care challenges, which we have successfully managed to date.

Allison's scoliosis presented/manifested itself at birth. As she grew older the severity of the scoliosis worsened. We were faced with several progressive treatment options that eventually lead to recurring surgeries involving growth rods.

Allison's Pre-Op X-Rays from September 2007

Allison is easily able to mitigate and cope with the growth rod that are attached to her spine, to include the yearly surgeries mean to lengthen or replace rods as needed. Of course, on one occasion so far, Allison has had to have emergency surgery to reattach the upper portion of the rod(s) back to her spine.

After a brief recovery period (3-5 days), and absent any complications from the surgery, Allison is fully mobile and able to attend school despite bandages and dressings. Her rods limit her range of motion but she is very adaptable and functional.

Thanks to the treatments and surgeries and with a constant network of support and guidance, Allison is able to lead a full and productive life just like most seven-year-olds. She is active and energetic and has not allowed her limitations to hamper her development.

Allison's X-Rays from March 2012