Early-Onset Scoliosis FAQ Video Library

The following 14 videos are doctor interviews that explain common patient and family questions related to diagnosis and treatment of early-onset scoliosis.

MAGEC™ Device and MCGR Procedure - Suken Shah, MD

VEPTR® - John Smith, MD

Definitive Spinal Fusion - Nigel Price, MD

Tension Based Devices - Stefan Parent, MD, PhD

Growth Guided Devices - Scott Luhmann, MD

Growing Rods - Eric D. Shirley, MD

Body Casting - Jim Sanders, MD

EOS Surgery - Nicholas Fletcher, MD

EOS Diagnosis - Jeffrey Cassidy, MD

Observation in EOS - Amer Samdani, MD

Bracing in EOS - Lori Karol, MD

Diagnosis in EOS - Laurel C. Blakemore, MD

EOS Diagnosis - John Thometz, MD

Halo Gravity Traction - Amy McIntosh, MD