GSSG Presentations

Podiums for Scientific Meetings in 2017


  1. Radiographic Outcomes of Shilla Growth Guidance System and Traditional Growing Rods through Definitive Treatment. Scott J. Luhmann, MD; June C. Smith, MPH; Ann McClung, RN; Lynn McCullough; Richard E. McCarthy, MD; George Thompson, MD; Growing Spine Study Group


  1. Is Theres Converted to Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods? Jennifer M. Bauer, MD, MS, Petya Yorgova MS, Geraldine Neiss PhD, Kenneth Rogers PhD Peter Sturm, MD, Paul Sponseller, MD, MBA, Scott Luhmann, MD, Jeff Pawelek BS, Suken A. Shah, MD, GSSG
  2. A Multi-Center Analysis of Neurological Deficits in 748 Traditional Growing Rod Patients. Matthew P. Newton Ede, Jeff B. Pawelek, David L. Skaggs, John B. Emans, Suken A. Shah, George H. Thompson, Adrian Gardner, Jwalant Mehta, David Marks, Growing Spine Study Group
  3. Vertebral Column Resection for Early-Onset Scoliosis: Indications, Utilization and Outcomes. Anna M. McClung, Gregory M. Mundis Jr., Jeff B. Pawelek, Nima Kabirian, Burt Yaszay, James O. Sanders, Paul D. Sponseller, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, Charles E. Johnston, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Growing Spine Study Group
  4. Utilization and Reliability of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in Vertebral Column Resections for Severe Early-Onset Scoliosis. Anna M. McClung, Gregory M. Mundis Jr., Jeff B. Pawelek, Sumeet Garg, Burt Yaszay, Oheneba Boachie-Adjei, James O. Sanders, Paul D. Sponseller, Francisco Sanchez Perez-Grueso, William Lavelle, John Emans, Charles E. Johnston, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, CSSG, Growing Spine Study Group
  5. Two Year HRQOL Measures are Similar Between Magnetically-Controlled Growing Rod Patients and Traditional Growing Rod Patients. David Skaggs, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Jeff Pawelek, Hiroko Matsumoto, Tricia St. Hilaire, Peter Sturm, Fransisco Javier Sanchez Perez-Grueso, Scott Luhmann, Paul Sponseller, John Smith, Klane K. White, Michael Vitale, CSSG, Growing Spine Study Group
  6. Treatment of Severe Early Onset Scoliosis using Distraction Based Spinal Instrumentation: A matched comparative study. Ilkka J. Helenius, MD, PhD,2 Hanna Oksanen, RN, Anna McClung, RN, BSN, Muharrem Yazici, MD, Paul D. Sponseller, MD, John B. Emans, MD, Francisco JS Perez-Grueso, MD, George H. Thompson, MD, Charles E. Johnston, MD, Suken A. Shah, MD, Jeff B. Pawelek, BS, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD, Growing Spine Study Group
  7. Multi-level Congenital Deformities in Early Onset Scoliosis: Radiographic and Clinical Outcomes in Growth Friendly Graduates. Naveed Nabizedeh, Burt Yaszay, Anna McClung, David L. Skaggs, George H. Thompson, Ohenaba Boachie-Adjei, Paul D. Sponseller, Suken A. Shah, James O. Sanders, Jeff Pawelek, Gregory M. Mundis, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Growing Spine Study Group 
  8. The Best Distraction Frequency for Optimizing Spine and Rod Length Gains with Magnetically Controlled Growing Rods. Jason Pui Yin Cheung, Karen Yiu, Kenneth MC Cheung, Scott Luhmann, Charles Johnston, Peter Sturm, Jeff Pawelek, Growing Spine Study Group


  1. Magnetically-Controlled Growing Rod Patients Have Better HRQOL Measures Compared to Traditional Growing Rod Patients A Multicenter Pilot Study. David Skaggs, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Jeff Pawelek, Hiroko Matsumoto, Tricia St. Hilaire, Peter Sturm, Fransisco Javier Sanchez Perez-Grueso, Scott Luhmann, Paul Sponseller, John Smith, Klane K. White, Michael Vitale, CSSG, Growing Spine Study Group
  2. Traditional Growing Rod Graduates of Different Etiologies have Similar Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes. Jeff B. Pawelek, Behrooz A. Akbarnia, Pooria Hosseini, Pooria Salari, David Marks, Suken A. Shah, David L. Skaggs, John B. Emans, Paul D. Sponseller, George H. Thompson, Growing Spine Study Group


  1. Construct Levels to Anchored Levels Ratio and Rod Diameter are Associated with Implant-Related Complications in Traditional Growing Rods. Pooria Hosseini, Behrooz A Akbarnia, Stacie Nguyen, Jeff Pawelek, John Emans, Peter F Sturm, Paul D Sponseller, Growing Spine Study Group
  2. Pelvic Obliquity Correction in Distraction-Based Growing Spine Constructs. Mathew Schur BA, Lindsay M Andras MD, Paul D Sponseller MD MBA, John B Emans MD, David L Skaggs MD MMM, Growing Spine Study Group