Maddie  - Age 9
By Her Parents.

Maddie has Marfan syndrome, diagnosed in infancy, with scoliosis evident soon thereafter. After 5 years with the prior treatment, at age 7, Maddie's  posture seemed to be distorting more and more at the shoulders and her upright position was not improving, so we decided she needed an evaluation for a more correctable device (Fig 1). 

Having attended the National Marfan Conference, we were given the hope we needed for Maddie to correct her posture by using the growing rods.  The growing rods were a total transformation.  To our surprise, after removal of the device and placement of the growing rods, we immediately noticed she could raise her left arm all the way up when before she could only raise it 45 degrees (Figs 2-5).  

There was also immediate and dramatic improvement in her posture.  She is now able to lay on her back with legs straight out without any discomfort. Where it was previously difficult for her to look up because of her forward lean, she is now relatively mobile in all directions and is able to fully turn and tilt her head.  Maddie claims her clothes fit and look so much better since she got her new rods.  Our only regret is that we didn't learn about the growing rods sooner.


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